Best Wifi Video baby monitors in 2017

The latest and greatest in Internet technology has come to baby monitors! You can now set up a baby camera and view your child from work, while on vacation or anytime from anywhere you have Internet access. The list of these devices is growing everyday and hence why we wanted to create this page dedicated to the best wifi video baby monitor models available in 2017.

Your child will be streaming live without even being bothered. A wireless monitor might be compared to Skype (and some even run via Skype) because you can also communicate with other adults who are in your child’s room, and they can talk back to you. You can also sing and talk to your baby to offer reassurance and soothe her when she’s restless.

Another benefit to having an Internet enabled monitor is that you can check on your child without having to enter the room and taking a chance on disturbing her. You simply hook the system to your home’s Wi-Fi and you can stream your baby’s nursery live from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Some monitors even come with their own portable handheld monitor.

Dropcam HD

The Dropcam HD Wi-Fi model is a popular device that parents use to watch their child’s nursery. It offers two-way audio, night vision features, mobile alerts and many other features to give you peace of mind. You can monitor your child from other rooms in your home and even when you are away from home and your child is left with a sitter or family member.

You can pan and zoom the camera all from a touch of a button from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone by connecting the system to your home wifi. The offsite DVR allows you to view video clips of the activity in your child’s room from any place at any time. It has been highly rated on by customers who have purchased and used it, too! It also ranks quite well on our list of video monitors.

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Lorex LW2450

The Lorex LW2450 allows you to check in on baby’s room or any room in your home via Skype. It comes with an LCD handheld monitor that you carry with you to view the rooms in which you have compatible cameras (you can add up to 4 total cameras with this system). Put the cameras all in baby’s room or in various places of your home. Automatic night vision allows you to see even in total darkness, and the two-way audio lets you communicate with those in the camera’s viewing area.

Sing and talk to baby to offer comfort and reassurance to him, while receiving your own reassurance knowing you can check on your child at any time from any place. Other features include temperature sensor, night mode for peaceful sleeping, a secure and private digital wireless signal, remote capabilities and more. This is a nice choice to keep an eye on your baby and your home!

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Other Benefits provided by the top Wifi video monitors

Perhaps you desire to do housework or even yard work while your baby sleeps. Take your cellphone with you and you can check on them any time while you’re indoors or outdoors. You will have peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and secure. You can receive alerts when there’s movement and noise coming from the room, too, so you can keep an eye and ear on every sound and movement at a moment’s notice with the touch of a button. A wireless monitor makes a wonderful gift for new parents and parents-to-be. Give one as a baby shower gift, for Christmas or anytime.

Keep an eye and ear on your child from anywhere in or out of your home with a convenient wifi monitor. There are several brands and models available in a variety of price ranges. Choose one that you think will work best for your family’s needs and desires. Keep a good eye on your child and the babysitter or housekeeper, or simply watch your home when everyone is away. Wifi is an ever expanding technology so we hope that our 2017 updated list has fit your needs.