Summer Infant Complete Coverage

Video baby monitors come in all different shapes and sizes these days, and have an wide range of available features. With so many to choose from, it is a good thing to do some research first to find out what you need, and what others have experienced. This review will outline the Summer Infant Complete Coverage color video monitor set (Model:02720) which we have heard good things about. I myself have an older child as well as a baby, and have found that having a video baby monitor allows certain freedoms that I have never even been able to consider. The technology is here, so I figure it might be time to use it.

Summer Infant Complete Coverage reviewWith a video baby monitor, such as the Summer Infant Complete Coverage, you can keep watch over what the little ones are doing while attending to your own tasks in another part of the house. These monitors also help you sleep better if you are constantly worried about your child sleeping in another room apart from you.

What features are included?

The camera can be mounted on a wall over the child’s bed, or, can be placed on a shelf or high dresser in their room. Cameras these days also have audio, so that when you are sleeping, the monitor will wake you with sound, led flashing lights, and picture. It sounds like a lot at first, but, when you consider how lightly you sleep in order to hear sounds on your own- well, overall there is a good chance that you will be able to get a better rest if you have a tool like this on hand.

The Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set also includes:

  • 2 monitor screens- one 7 inch screen with carrying handle, and one 1.8 inch handheld portable screen with belt clip
  • Range up to 350 feet
  • Tilt and swirl design for accurate camera angle

It is one of the few baby monitors on the market today that comes with two different size screens. This could mean that two parents can use the monitor at the same time in different parts of the house, or, perhaps if a daycare wanted to implement the use of monitors.

Customer Thoughts

The Summer Infant Complete Coverage currently has 91 customer reviews on Amazon. It has earned a total of 3.3 out of 5 stars.

One reviewer, who gave this monitor a 5 star Amazon rating writes:

This system is perfect for all of our needs. During the night we use the larger screen and the hand held unit during the day-time. We had a small problem with battery life on our hand held unit and Summer Infant sent us a replacement. Their customer service department was very helpful.

Another Amazon customer reviewer who gave the Summer Complete Coverage Monitor 1 out of 5 stars wrote:

I have found that there is a lot of static and interference when using this monitor. I haven’t seen it in other models so I believe it is this unit.

Our Thoughts

There are many things to like and dislike about the Summer Infant Complete Coverage monitor. On one hand it comes with a nice large screen which everyone enjoys. On the other hand some people have had some major complaints about the customer service they have received. Either way, please review all of the comments and make the best decision for yourself. Here are our list of pros and cons:

Pros: 2 screens for one system- one large, and one small

Cons: Recurrent problems with monitors that need replacing

Overall, the product has been received well, and has many good reviews. It is one of the few on the market that offers two screens of different sizes, and the 350 foot range is reasonable coverage for a baby monitor. Summer Infant has said that the channels are not secure, and that sometimes as with other baby monitors from other companies there can be signal issues such as picking up images or sounds from another monitor close by. It is important to review the security level of a monitor before buying. We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Summer Infant Complete Coverage color video monitor set. Please comment below or take a look at our other reviews!