Summer Infant Best View

The Summer Infant Company specializes in baby safety and comfort devices, and I thought going with them would be as good choice as they are focused on baby care in particular. The Summer Infant Best View is middle of the road technology, and reasonably priced as far as video monitors go in general. This monitor has some cool, well thought out features that are pretty simple and user friendly. I like for instance that you can customize your own system as far as the number of cameras- it accepts up to FOUR so you can mount cameras in more than one room in the house wherever your little one might choose to wander! Also, you get a record option so not only can you watch what is going on real time, but you can record your video to use later in home movies or to bring to the doctors office should the child have a chronic health problem.

summer infant best view digital video baby monitorIn my experience sometimes having video can be an invaluable tool for a doctor to have. I have found its a good idea to do some research on the different features a camera has before you decide what you really need.

What am I getting?

The Summer Infant brand name is quite reputable in the baby monitor industry. They are often one of the best at adding great features that everyone can use and afford. The Best View Handheld video monitor has many great features to help you keep a good watch over your baby including:

  • Remote pan/scan/zoom
  • User friendly scroll buttons to adjust camera view
  • Color by day, and black and white imaging by night
  • Adaptable system with extra jacks to expand your system to using more than one camera
  • Recordable data option
  • Ability to plug monitor into your own television set for a larger image

Customer Reviews – the Good & Bad of this monitor

There are currently 69 Amazon customer reviews on this camera, and it has a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars. Often times it is important to look at the more recent reviews as you will get a good indication from people who have used other similar monitors in the past. Some more recent reviewers say for example:

We began using this monitor when our second child was born and the previous version for our first child. Overall, they have done exactly as we expected (monitor the kids). The only problem we have is we find it takes quite a bit of speed away from the internet as well.

Another reviewer commented:

I had originally purchased the older version of this product but had many complaints. After it broke, I called customer service and they sent me this new model. I couldn’t be happier!

Advantages and Disadvantages

This section provides you with a brief overview of what we feel are the best and worst features of this monitor. As always, make sure to review everything yourself and make your own decision first!


  • Reasonably priced and user friendly
  • Lets you build your own system by adding more than one camera


  • Older model of same camera reported better video quality
  • Mixed customer service reviews when it comes to replacing a faulty unit

When making a choice of video monitors for your child, you can’t go wrong with a large feature set and a low price like the Summer Infant Best View Digital Video Baby Monitor has. If you enjoyed this review, or have more to contribute we would love to hear from you by commenting below.