Philips AVENT

Philips is well known for it’s audio monitors, so it seems to go without saying that they would make a great video monitor as well. The Philips Avent has a simple set up- just set it on a shelf and plug it in- which is a huge plus as far as time and effort. A monitor is a great tool to keep an eye on the little ones while they play upstairs, or, while they are sleeping. The idea of having a video system enabled for their sleeping is good for me because if they wake up, I will be more likely to hear them before they toddle their way to trouble! We hope you enjoy our review on the Philips Avent.

Features of the Avent

Philips Avent video baby monitor reviewDetailed overview

Reception Range: The range is impressive, up to 492 feet. Over and over again people are saying that they are having great experiences with the Avent’s range, even when outside at night. It works on many different floors, and throughout several walls at the same time.

Wireless Capability: This SCD600 boasts a 2.4 gig frequency band. The camera doesn’t seem to have many of the wireless interference problems I have read about with other baby monitors. The reception comes in clear, and it will automatically search for a new channel if it senses any connection problems- so I don’t have to worry about reconnecting and finding channels myself.

Set Up: This is a really user friendly, uncomplicated set up. You basically just set it down where you want it and plug it in. It doesn’t come with wall mounts, but the screw holes are there so you could mount it easily with a wedge from the hardware store. Otherwise a shelf or dresser top will do just fine.

Power Supply: This Phillips Avent plugs in, or, it will also run on the rechargeable battery pack. The parent unit clips easily to your belt, and has it’s own charging station.

Amazon Reviews

Thankfully, this particular model has 83 amazon customer reviews to browse. Also, it has an Amazon customer rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars – not too shabby for a model that is pretty reasonably priced as far as some other units on the market right now.

A five star reviewer says:

I am absolutely thrilled that it works as the box led me believe it would. The setup was very simple and took very little time, in fact I found the instructions to be unneeded. I really like how portable the monitor is. The range of has been incredible so far. I find it still works in my 1/4 acre backyard.

On the other side of things, a reviewer who gave it only one star said:

I really didn’t like this monitor as it would only emit noise when the it detected it. So we are led to believe that no noise is occurring which gives me a little bit of a false sense of security. Perhaps this is as designed but I would rather hear everything.

Our final analysis


  • Reasonable mid priced unit
  • Extremely clear digital picture during day and night time hours
  • Incredibly easy set up
  • Great range of up to 100 meters
  • Less reported wireless interference than other baby monitors in its category


  • Rechargeable power pack reported to have short life
  • Automatic audio feature is not as responsive to smaller noises than some other models
  • Does not include mountable wall unit
  • Does not allow multiple cameras to be added on

We hope that you got a lot out of our Philips Avent video baby monitor review. This great little machine will truly help you keep an eye on your newborn and make you feel much safer and more secure!