Lorex LW2450

Now you can catch all the action in baby’s room with the Lorex LW2450 LIVE video monitor. You can also use this device as a home monitor when you are away or to keep an eye on pets and your children’s caretakers. It’s versatile and is a great investment to ensure the safety of your child/children and your home. The wireless camera can tilt and pan with the touch of a button from your Android phone, iPhone, tablet or computer. It’s that easy! You can monitor your home from anywhere at any time worldwide when you use Skype!

Lorex LW2450 LIVE reviewTwo-way audio allows you to talk to others back and forth, and you can connect up to four cameras by using them all in one room or a variety of rooms. You’ll love the peace of mind this live camera gives you when you are away, and you’ll be happy to be able to monitor your baby from any room inside your home or any place outside of your home without disturbing his sleep.



What features are included in the LW-2450?

This section is devoted to the wide feature set included with the Lorex LW-2450. You can see the full specifications list & user reviews from Amazon.com. Onto the main features:

    Lorex LW2450

  • Camera Tilt and Pan: You can tilt and pan any connected camera by controlling it from your computer, tablet or smartphone. See what’s happening throughout the room in which you’ve placed cameras (you can connect up to four). If you hear noises coming from baby’s room, the live camera allows you to monitor what they are and where they are coming from. All with no wires required. It runs off of your own Wi-Fi and all via Skype!
  • Alerts: Get alerts when room temperatures change and when any noise or action is heard or seen by the camera and audio. You can turn down the volume and still be alerted with lights when any sound is picked up by the cameras. Whether you are in a business meeting or at the opera, you can be alerted to action in your baby’s room or other areas of your home without disturbing anyone around you.
  • Automatic Night Vision: This camera automatically switches to black and white in low lighting which makes it easier to see things in the room. You should be able to see up to 13 feet with the night vision feature, even in total darkness. Monitor your baby, pet or house in daylight or darkness! Safety is a great assurance. And the best thing might possibly be that you won’t have to disturb your baby to check on him during the night or when he’s napping in a dark room. The camera will do that for you quietly and dependably.
  • Two-Way Audio: You can speak to your children, pets and other adults with the two-way audio. You’ll not only hear them, but they’ll hear you. Sing to baby, correct a pet before they get into mischief or converse with another adult or child within camera range. And what a great way to call your family to the table or announce the arrival of a guest!

Some customer reviews

Customers rave that this baby monitor is reliable, offers great audio and video and is dependable. They trust in Lorex and highly recommend this company, too. Many say the Lorex LW2450 is the best baby monitor they’ve ever tried and agree that the features discussed here are truly great. They say this model is very much improved over the older Lorex models and it’s worth the small investment. You pay for quality and that’s what you get with this monitor!

This monitor will not interfere with other electronics that you may have hooked up either. It works well without hindering any other devices.

Our thoughts

We feel that you will not be disappointed with the Lorex LW2450.  It looks to offer great video and audio quality with tilt and pan camera that allows you to view a variety of angles from one camera. This is one of the best baby monitors and monitoring cameras you’ll probably ever get in this price range.  Use it for baby’s room or to monitor other rooms in your home.