Top long range Video baby monitors

Long range baby monitors are great for large homes or homes where your baby’s nursery is quite far from the main living area of your home. Most will reach up to 1,000 feet, so you can even go outside and do some gardening, sunbathing or yard work while your baby naps. Please note that most ranges are calculated to include open areas, so if there are many walls between baby’s room and you, the range of use will most likely be shorter. Also, if you live in a wooded area, this could cut down on the clear signal range. When you select one of the models mentioned from this page you can go ahead and do your chores, cook your meals or visit with friends, because you’ll have a monitor that will pick up sounds from the nursery when your child is sleeping.

The best choices when it comes to long range video baby monitors seem to be the VTech Safe & Sound (1000 feet), and the Samsung SEW-3037w (900 feet).

VTech Communications Safe & Sound

The VTech Safe&Sound long range monitor is highly rated by those who have purchased and used it. It has a range of up to 1,000 feet.

The battery-operated parent unit runs up to 18 hours on one charge, so you can go about your business during the day, and not worry about the battery dying if you use it only at night. There’s a talk-back intercom that allows you to talk from the monitor in baby’s room to the parent unit. This is nice if you forgot something. Simply press a button and ask someone in the room with the parent unit to bring you what you need. You can choose a single parent unit set or one with double parent units, so two adults will be able to monitor baby’s room. Simply clip the unit onto your belt loop or something else using the built-in belt clip.

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Samsung SEW-3037w

The Samsung SEW-3037w baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby’s room on a 3.5” high LCD display that is clear and precise. Even in low light, this offers you the ability to check on your child while he sleeps. You can tilt and zoom the camera on the monitor to view baby’s room from various angles, too.

The remote controlled built-in night light allows you to control it, and offers a soothing way for baby to fall asleep. You can also communicate with your child. Sing them a song or reassure them that all is well. This monitor is expandable up to 4 cameras so you can cover all the areas of your child’s room. Great for older children or special needs children, as well. Some people even use this for special needs adults and adults with dementia.

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Baby monitors also come in handy for older children’s rooms. If your kids tend to talk or do activities when they are supposed to be lying down to sleep, then a monitor will alert you to activity, so you can go to their room and handle the situation. Of course larger homes will require a longer range monitor. Many come with two parent monitors, too, so both parents will be able to hear what’s going on even if they are in separate areas of the home.

Long range baby monitors are convenient and give parents and caretakers the assurance that baby is OK. Whether you choose an audio only model or a video model, it’s great knowing that if baby cries or starts moving, or anything else happens in his room, you’ll be able to hear it and respond no matter where you are in your home and even outdoors.