Levana Safe N’See

A step up from audio monitoring, video baby monitors such as the Levana Safe N’ See Digital (LV-TW501) allows parents to actually see what their little ones are up to. Whether sleeping or playing in their room, they get to keep an eye on them while in another part of the house. This is a great little home gadget hands down for busy parents! Parents are finally able to do the dishes, work on the computer, or EVEN listen to music on headphones and relax for a few minutes while watching everything the kids do upstairs. I can’t express how great it is not to be interrupted every few moments in the middle of something just to go and see what this or that little sound was- or WHY it’s “too quiet”.

Levana Safe N See reviewWith the Safe N’See, you can see them right on a little screen. This screen is about the size of an older model cell phone which is great as you can clip it to your belt while walking around, or set it on a tabletop.

Main Features

While monitors like the Safe N’ See make life a lot easier, it’s important to shop around, and do your homework before buying. Baby monitors these days can be very simple, or, they can come with all kinds of features. The Levana Safe N’ See is packed full of great features. Some of the better features of The Levana Safe N’ See include:

  • ClearVU Levana Technology with 100% secure connection
  • 3.5 LCD screen
  • Night Vision
  • VOX voice activated control
  • Range up to 500 feet

Monitor Range

levana safe n see digitial video baby monitorThe 500 foot range on this monitor is high compared to some others on the market. VOX voice activation means that you can turn your monitor screen off to save battery power- but it will automatically turn on if your little one makes a peep. The sound activation is a great feature so you can get some sleep too without the light from the screen on all night. If the baby starts crying, you will hear them. The VOX feature also allows you to push a button and talk to the baby from wherever you are in the house.

Cutting edge technology offers other features as well:

  • Room temperature monitoring
  • LED noise level indication lights
  • All in one table stand and belt clip
  • 5 built in lullabies that can be played
  • night light feature
  • ability to add extra cameras onto system to monitor more than one room

All these are useful features that show some thought went into the Safe n See monitor. The room temp monitoring is handy. LED noise lights help to catch my attention if the baby is making noise that I am not hearing. The ability to add more cameras to other rooms in the house is great because sometimes my child takes a nap in the playroom, or on the couch downstairs. Also my older child wanders from room to room and it’s nice to be able to see her wherever she goes.


The Levana Safe N’ See Advanced has a total of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com’s user reviews- which is very high. There are 26 reviews total so far.

One reviewer who gave a 5 star rating said:

This monitor is one of the best investments we have made. We can sleep easy knowing we can see our baby at any time.

Another reviewer who gave this Levana monitor a 3 out of 5 star rating says:

I have used other Levana monitors before, and find that there still are a few little issues that I don’t like. First off I find the images that occurred minutes ago are still shown. It seems there might be some sort of refresh issue?

Our final Analysis

levana lv tw5023We think the Levana Safe N’ See is one of the most underrated baby video monitor’s on the market today. No matter what situation you are in it should provide you with the comfort you deserve. Our final Pros & Cons are as follows:

Pros: Large range, night vision, VOX audio, beltclip, additional cameras can be added.

Cons: Loud annoying beep from parent unit when you turn it on, no mute button, some users report short camera life with replacement under warranty.