Levana Ovia

Welcome to our Levana Ovia review, one of the most highly rated video baby monitors available.

The brand name matters quite a bit when buying video monitors. Levana is not a new name in this industry. Many of its models are among the top rated monitors by Amazon and other review sites. Levana Ovia is among them. Its 4.3” screen, in particular, sets it apart from other competitors. Plus, the brand’s reputation of bringing the best in technology makes it a highly demanded product.

Leading up to the big day most parents feel the need to buy a video monitor that can monitor the baby at all times. A video monitor lets you keep close tabs on your child while you are moving around the house doing chores or even at night when they are sleeping in their nursery.

Characteristics of the Levana Ovia

The Levana Ovia is counted among the best choices out there. It is packed with several advanced features that make the device multi-functional and highly convenient. It delivers not only what you expect from a baby video monitor but a lot more than that. This review looks at some basic features that set this unit apart from others.

4.3” large LCD monitor screen

The first and foremost feature that immediately sets this unit apart and makes it noticeable is its 4.3” large LCD screen, which is far bigger than what others are offering. Most video monitors come with a 3.5” screen; hence, this 4.3” is truly a feature to be noticed.

The large LCD screen makes sure you feel as close to the baby as possible even when you are away. It not only features a large size but also brings high resolution picture, and brilliance in color and clarity.

The unit has automatic infrared night vision that lets you watch at night. You don’t need to light up the nursery see your child; the camera uses invisible infrared lights to automatically adjust to the darkness and bring you clear view even in the dark.

Another feature that sets this unit apart is its intuitive touch panel controls that make controlling and directing the camera a snap.

Record Video, Snap Photos, and Store them in the SD card

Another feature that differentiates this model from others is its ability to record videos and snap photos and also store them in a SD card, included with the package. This feature adds greatly to the functionality of the unit and gives you the ability to record magical moments, upload them on your computer using the SD card adapter or relive them by playing them on the monitor.

24 hour battery life

Another great feature that immediately sets the Levana Ovia apart is its long battery life of 24 hours in power saving mode. This requires less frequent charging and gives you more convenience. The power saving mode awakes the screen only when the baby makes a sound; so, you can save hours of precious battery life when the baby is asleep.

Secure ClearVu 750ft transmission

Monitors are notorious for their insecurity and unreliability of signals. Parents usually comment about how they can catch the signals of their neighbor’s baby and watch him in their monitor. That poses many security issues. However, with the ClearVu technology, developed exclusively by Levana, these security concerns are a thing of the past. Also, with excellent transmission range of 750ft, you can easily move in and around the house without losing signals.

Two way talk

Don’t let your baby feel he is alone in the nursery; talk back to him using two way intercom system. You can soothe them by cooing back and even singing a lullaby to him. Or, you can even communicate with your partner in the nursery.

Quiet Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

The Pan/Tilt/Zoom feature is getting more common in high end video monitors. This feature allows you to get a close view of every nook and corner of the nursery. Make sure the doors are locked, the air conditioning is working properly, and windows are properly locked with the PTZ feature. The camera can pan 270 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically. You can easily direct the camera using intuitive touch panel controls on the monitor unit. The camera’s movements are whisper quiet that will not cause any disturbance.

LED Indicator Ring

The LED sound indicator ring changes color with the level of your baby’s sounds. It shows a calming blue color when they are cooing or when there is very low volume detected while an alarming orange or red color when they are crying loudly.

3 remote controlled lullabies

Too busy to sing a song to your baby using the two way talk? Don’t fret, just activate the pre-programmed lullabies and the camera unit will start playing them. Who knows, they may even become your child’s favorites.

Expandable to 4 cameras

This is a very helpful feature as it can help to create a monitoring network in the home. Your baby might not necessarily be in the same room all the time. If the baby is out playing in the living room, get another camera set up in the living room and link it to the monitor. This feature also helps when your family grows and you have more than one child to monitor.

Reviews from major retailers

Levana Ovia has received raving reviews by customers and experts alike from major retailers like Amazon and Toys R’ Us. All reviews are positive and customers are mostly happy about the unit’s excellent transmission range, a large screen, and its ability to record and store photos and videos. It truly delivers what it promises.

Pros of the Levana Ovia

  1. It has a large LCD screen that is great for viewing and makes you feel as close to him as possible.
  2. The monitor has a pull out tab that lets you keep it on the shelf and can be viewed from across the room.
  3. The pre-programmed lullabies are a big plus point as any baby can easily fall asleep and stay asleep listening to the soothing music.
  4. PTZ camera gives you excellent view of the entire room. It is very close to a 360 degree viewing.
  5. The zoom actually makes the camera lens zoom and gives you better quality picture than other monitors.
  6. Long battery life prevents hassle of charging again and again.
  7. Users have mostly found no problems with signal range.
  8. It has a removable battery so when battery isn’t charged, you can simply replace the battery pack.
  9. It lets you snap photos and record videos and comes with a SD card slot. Although most parents don’t find this feature very helpful as they usually have their smartphone to do that function, but still its good knowing there is an option to do that if needed.


  1. The sound isn’t very loud like on some other monitors. You cannot turn it on in one room and go to the other room, and be able to hear.
  2. The box doesn’t come with an instruction manual or mounting hardware so it takes a little guesswork in the beginning to figure out how to use it.
  3. Some parents found the lullabies annoying and not soothing.
  4. The screen is not touch enabled like most electronic devices these days.
  5. The unit doesn’t come with added features like alarm function and night light.
  6. The monitor is large and bulky and is not convenient for carrying around.


The 4.3” large LCD screen and 24 hours long battery life immediately set this video monitor apart from others and make it one of the most highly recommended products available. Especially with the signal range so great when it comes to security and reliability, what else could you ask for when buying a video monitor?

Although there are things that can be improved, the monitor performs quite well and most users have found it to be the best as compared to many others.

So, if you are looking for a reliable video monitor that gives you a clear view of every nook and cranny of the baby’s nursery and alerts you when the baby is crying without requiring frequent charges or without losing signals again and again, the Levana Ovia is the right one for you.