Levana Jena

Being a parent is tough work. Really you have to take on the role of a superhero without getting any of the credit. All day and all night you’re on call to make sure your child has whatever it needs at all times. That is where the Levana Jena comes to play. Thanks to modern technology used in baby monitors you can make yourself available to your child when you’re in a remote location. With a setup that has the two main components of a camera and a display the Levana Jena allows you to watch your child even though you’re not in the same room as them.

Levana Jena reviewYou can also enjoy two way communications with your child from any room in the house with 500ft of the camera. That’s certainly not all you can do with the Jena. Our review looks at the many great and unique features make this baby monitor one of the best available.

Best Features of the Jena

In the first part of this review we take a look at the top features that you will get the most use of. They include:

  • PEEP mode – Peep mode is a great feature that allows you to save battery life so you don’t have to recharge the battery pack as often. When in PEEP mode the monitor on your screen will be set to “sleep” when no sound is being picked up by the microphone. As soon as your child makes any sort of noise the monitor automatically turns itself on so you can see what’s happening on the other end.
  • Night light – Another great feature of the Levana 3211 is the built in night light. Some children don’t like the dark. They find it frightening. Having a built in night light eliminates the need to buy a separate external night light and saves you money in the process. Not only is the night light great for comforting your child it can also come in handy when you need some light if you’re sneaking in to your baby’s room in the dark.
  • 5 Remote Controlled Lullabies – Nothing calms down an upset child better than a lullaby. All it takes is the touch of a button and you can play one of 5 lullabies to sing your child to sleep. This is a great feature for moments when your child is crying and you can’t make it to their room right away.

Some reviews

Thanks to many original and unique features the Levana 3211 comes highly recommended to any parents of a newborn child looking for a great monitor at a decent price. The Levana Jena is very popular on Amazon boasting 4.3 out of 5 stars on their rating system. Happy owners of this monitor had many positive things to say.

Thanks to great features such as a motion sensor and night vision we sleep easier at night knowing that our child is completely safe

You get great battery life and great audio quality. This baby monitor comes with a drop in charger which is very convenient as it saves you from having to plug anything in when you need to recharge

Our final thoughts

The last thing you need is to make your life harder. You have a lot of responsibilities as a parent and the well being of your child is always going to be your priority. In order to take care of your baby’s needs you need to make yourself available at all times. The Jena comes with many unique features that don’t normally come built in to most models. It’s the one of a kind features that put this monitor above the rest of the competition currently available on the market. If you want a monitor that has a lot to offer the Levana 3211 is right up your alley.