iPhone & iOS compatible monitors

best video baby monitor iphoneThe benefits of using a video baby monitor vs. a regular audio-only model are many.

It’s hard to believe that back in the day there were only audio-capable monitors, which then were innovated to include video. In parallel with the wide use of mobile phone it is no wonder that many video baby monitors are now compatible with your favorite devices like iPhone and iPads. This page is dedicated to a breakdown of the best video monitors for the iPhone & iPad.

What makes these so convenient is that you already have your phone on you anyway so you know longer have to carry long an additional monitor with you everywhere. Just open an app and you are all done. You can even check in on your children when they are left with a sitter or any other time you can’t be home. So if you are looking to hook your iPhone/iPad or any other mobile supported device to your baby monitor, then consider the following best choices.

#1 iPhone video baby monitor – Wi-Fi 4.0 Model

This top-of-the-line video monitor hooks up to your home’s Wi-Fi network and receive alerts to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC or Mac computers or with 3G/4G from anywhere at any time. Streaming is exceptionally smooth and it takes up less bandwidth that some ‘s hard to believe that back in the day there were only audio-capable systems, which then were innovated to include video. In parallel with the wide use of mobile phone it is no wonder that comparable video baby monitors.

Set-up for this model can be quite involved, but customers rave that the tech support is superb, and many have their system running in one phone call. You can take a snap shot or record to your phone or tablet with one simple click of a button. There’s also a feature that allows you to share footage with family and friends, if desired. The built-in nanny cam/DVR can be up and running with a MicroSD card for scheduled recording. Night vision is clear up to 20 feet.

The exceptional microphone eliminates white noise, allowing you to hear things clearly without disruption. This is made from an American company with full and free support whenever you need it. Some Apps include Zoom, Picture in Picture, Simultaneous Video, Audio, and Alerts up to 4 Cameras on screen. You won’t be sorry with this terrific monitor, and you’ll rest assured knowing you can check on your child any time from any place!

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Withings Smart Baby Monitor

iphone video baby monitor

The Withings Smart monitor features a wide-angle 3-megapixel camera that allows you to monitor your baby on video from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (plus Android phones). You can pan, tilt and navigate your baby’s room with the touch of a screen from wherever you are! Zoom in and out and see what’s going on in every part of your child’s room.

Talk to your baby while watching him or her or launch a lullaby from your iPhone to relax and reassure your child. You’ll get automatic alerts when your child fusses or cries. This iPhone compatible monitor keeps you close whether you’re in the next room or the next State. The infrared camera’s night mode allows you to monitor your child at night without disturbing him or her. The monitor adjusts itself to dim light and darkness automatically, so no matter the time of day or night, you can monitor your child’s room.

A free WithBaby App is available from the Apple App Store and allows you to clearly hear your baby throughout the day while you are at work or away. Once you download the App it will remain running in the background even after you close it. Not only will you be alerted to noises and movements but to the temperature and humidity of your their nursery when you use the WithBaby App, too.

Now you can monitor your baby from any location. Your iPhone can connect via your wireless network from home or work and over 3G on the street. Even in locations without an Internet connection, it can be connected via an Ethernet cable or Bluetooth (up to 164 feet). Stay in the loop any time of any day with the Smart Baby monitor from Withings!

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Final thoughts on iOS video monitors

A video baby monitor is a wise choice to keep track of your baby day and night from any location. Making sure your child is safe and secure gives parents peace of mind and assurance to make their lives happier and more content. You can correspond with your child even when you aren’t home, send them special lullabies to relax and make them happy, and check on them while napping and during the night without having to go into their room thus disturbing their sleep. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, your baby’s room will forever be at your fingertips.