Dropcam HD

The Dropcam HD video monitoring camera is a great choice when it comes to the choices available today. Use it to monitor your home, as a nanny cam, pet cam and baby monitor. Get mobile alerts on your computer, tablet and smartphone when there is action on the camera. You can stream live to keep check on your baby, your home and your pets. It even offers quality night vision video so you can check on your child without having to enter the room and disturb her. You can share your stream with friends or even make it live.

Dropcam HD Wifi reviewSet-up is quick and you can get web and mobile apps so that this system will offer you the ultimate experience and give you peace of mind. Make sure your home, pets and baby are safe and secure anytime from anywhere. You can schedule alerts and receive them any time you choose whenever there is movement or sound in your home or in thier room.

The Feature List

If you are looking for a monitor that can serve many different purposes (like watching your baby) and have the ability to stream what you are seeing to anyone, then the Dropcam HD Wifi is for you. For this part of the review, we look at the main features included with this powerful little monitor.

Some of the terrific features of this monitoring system include:

  • Easy set-up: Setting up this system is quick and easy. Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi, download the Apps you desire and connect to the mobile devices of your choice.

  • Night vision: The night vision feature is superb and allows you to view any room with clarity. The normal range for night vision is around 20 feet. This is an awesome feature for your nursery, because you can check on her during the night without disturbing her.
  • Live streaming: Stream live for yourself, friends and family or to the public (though I wouldn’t recommend making your child available for public view). You choose who sees what’s going on.
  • Optional service that allows you to record video: You can pay a monthly fee for a service that allows you to record and save a certain amount of video for later viewing. You can save up to a month of video and make clips. The service is called Cloud Video Recording (CVR), and offers two packages with monthly fees.
  • Two-Way Audio: Two-way audio allows you and a person in the room with the monitor to communicate. This also allows you to talk or sing to your baby from any place inside or outside of your home. Giving reassurance and comfort by allowing her to hear your voice any time she needs it.
  • Pan and Zoom: The camera will pan the room and zoom in where you want by the touch of a button. Control it from your connected mobile devices or your computer.
  • Alerts: This system alerts you to sounds and movements in any room. You can even schedule when you want the alerts to be active.
  • Many Uses: Use this as a baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam or general monitoring system.
  • Some quick thoughts from customers

    Dropcam HD Wifi reviewCustomers who have purchased and used the Dropcam HD say that audio and video are superb and set-up was easy and quick. They love the peace of mind it gives them when they are away from home, and the fact that they can monitor their child from anywhere at any time. They recommend subscribing to the cloud service, saying it makes the user experience even better. One customer loves it because he doesn’t have to leave his computer on when he’s away from home. This system works by Wi-Fi whether your computer is on or off.

    Our recommendation

    The Dromcam HD looks to be quite superb! It’s a product that is highly recommended by consumers and offers you reassurance that your home, baby and pet are safe and secure when you are away. You can monitor your child’s caretaker, too, to make sure loving care is provided when you are away. For peace of mind, this is a terrific investment for your home!