Best talk back video baby monitors

A two-way baby monitor not only allows you to hear and see what’s going on in your baby’s nursery, but it also allows you talk or sing or engage in two-way communication with another adult in the room. Some people use the two-way monitor to call others to dinner or announce something to someone else. On this page we hope to show you the best video baby monitors with talk back capability in case this is something that is important to you.

If your infant is struggling to fall asleep or wakes up fussing, it can be soothing to her to hear your soft voice reassuring her everything is OK. A regular monitor might not allow you to do that, but a two-way monitor will. Communication is a key ingredient to any healthy relationship. Your baby needs to hear your voice, and often times you need to communicate with another adult in the household, as well. A two-way video monitor will allow you to do that with ease. Below we feature what we feel are the best video baby monitors featuring talk-back capabilities that will allow you to speak and sooth your child with ease.

Levana Jena

The Levana Jena has gained a great reputation among consumers, who give it a 4 out of 5 star average rating. You’ll get the video monitor and a 2.4” LCD screen device that you can carry easily with you from room to room.

The name “Jena” means Endurance, and this monitor was named for its 8-hour battery life on one charge. It’s a product you can trust and depend on to monitor not only your baby, but baby’s nanny, your pets and any area of your home. Automatic night vision allows you to view your child’s room even in the lowest lighting, and two-way communication allows you to talk to your child or sing their favorite songs to them even when you are not in the bedroom. Other great features include five programmed lullabies that are available to play for your child via remote control, a nightlight and four-camera compatibility.

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Levana Safe N See

The Levana LV-TW502 Safe N’ See Advanced monitor offers a 3.5” LCD screen in which you can view baby’s room from anywhere in the home. Work in the yard or perform house chores in peace, knowing you’ll be alerted to room temperature changes, noises and movement that happens in baby’s nursery.

This system comes with five programmed lullabies that can be controlled via the parent unit. Choose songs, and turn them on and off all by remote control. The two-way audio system allows you to talk or sing to your child or talk to another adult in the room. This system automatically adjusts to night vision when the lights, go down, too, so you can easily monitor your baby any time of the day or night without disturbing him.

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Final two-way thoughts

Any of the Levana models on this page which offer two-way communication are probably the way to go. Keep watch on your child from anywhere within range, talk or sing to him to give him reassurance or simply keep an eye on his caretaker or your pets that are in another room. Rest assured that your baby is safe, secure and happy at all times by carrying the LCD screen with you to be alerted to all activity in their bedroom!