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Are video baby monitors safe?

Although I am a big proponent of video monitors, i’m not going to lie to you and say they they are completely safe. Otherwise I would be lying. This article itself outlines all of the potential dangers that you’ve heard on the news and hopefully how you

Best talk back video baby monitors

A two-way baby monitor not only allows you to hear and see what’s going on in your baby’s nursery, but it also allows you talk or sing or engage in two-way communication with another adult in the room. Some people use the two-way monitor to call others

Best baby monitors for Multiple rooms

Multi-room baby monitors are great for families with more than one child. It can be extremely difficult to keep an eye on two children, especially when each one is in his own room, or one is napping and one is playing, and you need to cook dinner.

iPhone & iOS compatible monitors

The benefits of using a video baby monitor vs. a regular audio-only model are many. It’s hard to believe that back in the day there were only audio-capable monitors, which then were innovated to include video. In parallel with the wide use of mobile phone it is

Top long range Video baby monitors

Long range baby monitors are great for large homes or homes where your baby’s nursery is quite far from the main living area of your home. Most will reach up to 1,000 feet, so you can even go outside and do some gardening, sunbathing or yard work

Best Wifi Video baby monitors in 2017

The latest and greatest in Internet technology has come to baby monitors! You can now set up a baby camera and view your child from work, while on vacation or anytime from anywhere you have Internet access. The list of these devices is growing everyday and hence

Motorola MBP36S

The Motorola MBP36S is a great monitor that has been upgrade from its predecessor the MBP36. Keeping a close eye on your little one while trying to juggle everyday activities such as cleaning or working online can be extremely challenging. Using a vsystem such as the Motorola

Summer Infant Baby Touch

Keeping an eye on the little one can create quite a challenge whether you have things to do around the house during the day, or, you are trying to get a worry free night of rest while in sleeping in a different room. Having an extra eye

VTech Safe & Sounds

Monitors are a must have for any new parents or parents who have a baby on the way. You’re going to have your hands full at all times when you become a parent and any type of assistance you can get is a big help. Getting the

Lorex LW2003

A new age of baby monitors, like the Lorex Live Snap we review on this page, can help keep an eye on the little one while they play or sleep in their own room. It’s a great gadget to have around- especially when you have a lot