Hi everyone, my name is Sally and this is my website dedicated to all things related to video baby monitors. I’ll admit I was quite hesitant to use a video monitor to watch my son when one was given to us as a gift. After all I felt they were unsafe, and quite frankly kind of intrusive. But boy has my mind changed. Being able to just click a button and see what is going on in my babies rooms has been the greatest benefit of all. If they are napping a little longer than expected, it always gives me comfort that I can simply and easily check up on them.

Although many older generations will find the technology to be a bit “over kill” and not needed, there are many great advantages to being able to see your little one. Often times, regular monitors do a great job at picking up noise but more often than not parents are finding that they are waking up and checking in when not really required. With video, you can tell when your baby is making there regular cooing, and when they really need your help.

Just like any technology, there are more and more models being developed each and every day making your choice much more difficult. The aim of this website is to ease your pain throughout the selection process and narrow it down based on your specific needs. To do this, we have looked into as many different models as possible that are available through Amazon. The results may surprise you as some of the less expensive ones turned out to be included in our list. We also aim to provide you with some helpful content where we compare monitors, and give a few tips on increasing security and not being as fearful as I was in the beginning.

If you think about it…it’s absolutely amazing that we can watch our babies in their rooms and know the issue they are having instantly. The ability to see them from outside, or cooking dinner is such a great advantage to have. After all the small things really matter :).

Enjoy our site!