Hello everyone and welcome to my page dedicated to the newest incredible technology for keeping an eye on your little one. The main goal of our website is to help mothers and fathers find the best monitoring solution for their new addition(s) to the family. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the best video baby monitors and hence why we have feature close to 20 reviews on this site! What makes this site slightly different is that we like to look at both video and audio capable monitors.

I was right in your spot not too long ago before the birth of my son. We were actually given the Infant Optics DXR-5 as a baby shower gift and to be quite honest…I didn’t think I was going to use it. After all my thought process has always been if the old monitors worked for my parents with me then they’ll work with my kids. However as I got reading more and more I started to feel a little more confident. We installed the camera next to Aiden’s bed (which was quite easy), plugged it in and have never looked back. Since then i’ve always had a bit of an interest on what the newest and latest trends are in terms of video monitors. For instance, seeing some of the ones now that are listed on our best iPhone video baby monitors page make me drool. I couldn’t imagine being outside the house and be able to just use my regular phone to keep watch.

I hope that you enjoy your stay on my site and that the video baby monitor reviews that we link to provide enough advice. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Guide to finding the best video baby monitors in 2017

As mentioned earlier, what the best choice is for one family may not work for the next. Some parents prefer a larger screen to view while others are looking for more signal strength. This is why I have put some effort into this handy comparison tool. I recently updated this in 2017 and will probably update it again soon with some new reviews as well. There are so many features to consider so I hope that a side by side look at all of them helps.

best video baby monitors

The next part of our website takes a closer look into what we feel are the top features in video monitors and some quick reviews of my top choices.

What do our video baby monitor reviews look at?

So where to begin? Video monitors seem like a good idea but what do you actually need? Our baby monitor reviews break down each of the areas mentioned below. You can also see how each monitor stacks up against the others by using our comparison chart. Here are a few guidelines in how we decided which video monitors were best:

  • Range: The range of the monitor can play a huge factor in your decision. If you have a large house and want to monitor your child from a distance then you may need a monitor that is capable of performing from quite a distance. If you plan on being outside while your child is napping, it is very important you look at our page dedicated to the best long range video baby monitors.
  • Night vision: Another important feature that is becoming standard on many of the best video baby monitors available now is the ability to view whatever is happening at all times. Obviously at night time this becomes quite difficult without some sort of night vision mechanism. Most monitors now have built in night vision, but some are obviously better at it than others.
  • Screen size and type: There are so many different styles and monitoring devices available. Some prefer the handheld version due to their smaller size and ease when moving around. Others however prefer a larger screen. One of the Summer Infant models on this page features a large 7″ screen.
  • Security: For really technical folks, you also want to make sure that your video and audio streams are encrypted and safe from any intrusion. In the early days of monitors, there were many stories of neighbors (especially in close quarters) picking up your discussions with your baby. Thankfully this technology has been improved immensely.
  • Battery Life: If you’ve had any experience in electronics, one of the more frustrating aspects is having to recharge after extended use. If you are anything like me you are constantly forgetting about it, and when you need to use your device, it just simply isn’t ready. Having a monitor with a nice long battery life can really help!
  • Soothing: Seen in about half of the video monitor reviews we have looked at, the ability to talk to baby is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Want to sleep train your child, but don’t want to wake them up by going into the room? Simply press a button and baby can hear your soothing voice to help put them back to sleep. On our best two way video baby monitors page we outline some of these top choices.
  • Temperature Monitor: One of the really interesting features that come in some of the best baby monitors now is the ability to display what the temperature is in the babies room. If your toddler is fussy during the night, one of the reasons may be that he/she is too cold or hot. Now you will know instantly and can turn your heat up and down as needed.
  • Extra Camera capability: Another feature that comes standard on most video monitors today is the ability to add 2nd, 3rd, and 4th camera to your base unit. This allows you to see your child or toddler from many different rooms or monitor two different babies at the same time. On our best video baby monitors for two rooms page you’ll see the top options for parents that find themselves in this situation.
  • Wireless capability: This feature is becoming more and more prevalent each day. With so many devices now at our disposal it only makes sense that you can tap into your own wireless network and keep an eye on your baby. Our newest best wifi video baby monitors page provides you with some of these great options.

Quick Reviews

Although we have only showcased monitors which had a rating of 4/5 or better in the above chart, there are many others that were close and would be considered as the “best baby video monitor” for someone else. We felt that we should include more video baby monitor reviews below and provide a brief overview of each in the sections that follow.

Samsung SEW-3037W video monitor

We feel that the Samsung SEW-3037w is one of the best monitors for the money in 2017. It is one of the most functional and comes with perfect features to see and sooth your infant. This monitor comes with 3.5 inch high resolution LCD display screen and various other useful features such as night mode video. The perfect zoom and tilt helps to watch the baby closely and to cover the room as well. This device offers high resolution video and the two way audio function makes it easy to hear the voice of the baby and to sooth your baby whenever you need.

This device can be connected to four different monitors. You can monitor your child clearly even at night using the night vision mode. The invisible IR display makes the picture look better at night. There is battery saving option which helps to keep the device in the energy save mode while baby is sleeping.

Though the device has many useful features, there are some negative aspects as well. This includes

  • Loud starting sound – this can disturb the baby when sleeping.
  • The battery life is limited- though the device offers a battery saving mode, the battery life is not long lasting

The good features outnumber the negative features of this device and hence this Samsung SEW-3037w offers value for your money. It is a user –friendly device by all means. Read our full Samsung SEW-3037W review.

Wifi Baby 4.0

Whenever the parents are away from their baby or they are doing some work at home, they want to have a monitor so they can ensure the safety of their baby at all times. The Wi-Fi baby 2.0 is a great product that works easily on a number of >wireless devices. The important features what makes this product really functional for monitoring the baby include:

  • The new powerful chip set which allows smooth streaming of the video and audio and provides high image and audio quality.
  • This product is very small and sleek for convenient installation.
  • This device can simultaneously take video and audio and can alert up to 4 cameras on the screen. You can zoom and get picture in picture according to your monitoring need.
  • This can take snapshot of your baby and can record to your PC or phone with just a click.
  • The built in Nanny Cam, DVR and Micro SD card helps in scheduled recording. The recording will be handled by the camera itself; however, this is protected by a password.
  • You require a server or account to Install and operate it
  • It also allows night vision monitoring for a distance up to 20 feet.

Read our full Wifi Baby 2.0 review.

Infant Optics DXR8

Another one of our reviews looks at the Infant Optics DXR-8, a best seller from 2015 and into 2016. The Infant Optics DXR-8 may not be the most recognizable brand, but based on the feature list, the reviews, and more importantly the price, this one is a huge winner. Priced at less than $100, this video monitor is one of the smallest we have seen and one of the easier to put together.

The major features included with this monitor are:

  • Lightweight: For those constantly moving, the Infant Optics may be the perfect solution. Place it in your pocket and never worry about leaving it behind!
  • Easy to setup: With 3 easy setup steps, you can be up and running within minutes of opening the box.
  • Video quality: The Infant Optics streams video at 30 frames per second which surpasses many other models available.
  • Cost: Video monitors can get quite expensive, but at under $100 there are no options better than this model.

What I really like about the Infant Optics DXR-5 is that despite the price tag it still includes many other items that make monitoring easy. Outside of the main ones mentioned earlier, it can also view upto 15 feet in the dark, eliminates unneeded static audio, and best of all it will never interfere with any of your other wireless devices. Read more about the Infant Optics DXR-5.

Motorola MBP36s

Based on reviews only from Amazon.com, the Motorola MBP36 (and MBP33) is the top choice among consumers for 2013. The reason why I have this one listed #2 in my list is because it is more expensive than the Infant Optics version. However, if you are looking for the Mercedes of video baby monitors then the Motorola is the one for you. It does everything you’d expect and more. Motorola has been creating new and exciting gadgets for years and the newest version of their popular model is no exception. The great thing about this monitor is that is appeals to both technical and non-technical parents in that it has many advanced features but is still incredibly easy to get going. Some of the main features include:

  • 2.4 GHz FHSS technology: The first time I read about FHSS technology I had no idea what it meant. But then I thought back to my old cordless phones that used MHz technology and realized how great and powerful the signal would be with 2.4 GHz. Using this monitor means a perfect signal and no interference whatsoever.
  • Two-way Communication: This feature is awesome. Most monitors don’t have this included. Just imagine being downstairs and being able to speak/sing to your baby without being in the room. This little extra feature is one of the reason it was reviewed so well.
  • Full Camera Control: Using the remote that comes with the device, you can zoom, pan and tilt the monitor in any direction that you want.
  • Temperature Monitor: Another simple thing that makes all the difference is the temperature gauge included within this monitor. Especially when seasons change you can monitor the baby’s room temperature from anywhere.

Read more from our Motorola MBP36s review.

Summer Infant Baby Touch

Another great monitor that you should check out is the Summer Infant Baby Touch video monitor. Summer Infant specializes in this type of equipment and has been making high quality devices for years. In fact, another model they make makes an appearance on this list as well.

If you own or have ever used a smart phone then you will absolutely love this model. Using the same touch screen technology that smart phones like an iPhone or Android device would use, you can control the brightness, zoom and many other features directly from the monitoring device itself. The Summer Infant Baby Touch has many other features as well for parents. Some of the main ones include:

  • Camera Control: Using the revolutionary touch screen you can zoom in, zoom out, pan and perform many other camera functions directly from the monitor itself. This makes testing and finding the perfect spot easy!
  • Ability to talk back: One of the key features of the Baby Touch is the ability sing lullabies to your baby from anywhere in the house. Simply click on one of the monitor buttons and you can sooth your baby to sleep from anywhere in the house.
  • Battery Indicator: As you can imagine, one of the most annoying things about electronic devices in general is there ability to run out of batteries when you need them the most. With a docking station and a battery indicator on the monitor, you can be sure that your monitor will never skip a beat.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our site that we have recently updated for the 2017 shopping season. If you have any questions about our choices of the top choices in video baby monitors please let us know.